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Ohio Lawmakers Approve Rules Allowing Adult-Use Marijuana Sales To Start Next Month

An Ohio legislative panel has approved a regulatory framework for the state’s marijuana market that pushes up the implementation timeline, creating a licensing scheme that could allow adult-use sales to launch next month in current medical cannabis dispensaries.

The legislature’s Joint Committee On Agency Rule Review (JCARR) gave final approval to the proposed cannabis regulations on Monday.

While regulators have until September to start issuing cannabis business licenses under the ballot initiative that voters approved last November, the Division of Cannabis Control (DCC) devised a plan to start granting dual licenses to existing medical marijuana operators to begin serving adult consumers early this summer.

That plan, as well as other rules setting up the basic infrastructure for legalization, was accepted by the committee. Applications for prospective dual licensees will be opened up no later than June 7, and they could start selling cannabis to patients and adults alike once they’re approved.

Rep. Jamie Callender (R), vice chair of JCARR, thanked the head of DCC for “the work you’ve put in on this—for doing this timely and to help move forward the will of the voters, and we look forward to watching these rules go into effect in a couple of

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