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Opinion: Gray-market cannabis shops open door for vape crisis 2.0

Sasha Aksenov

While New Yorkers sit at home and patiently wait for the adult-use cannabis market to get up and running, the gray market is flourishing.

And it’s flourishing to the detriment of consumers.

It might seem at first as if these pop-up shops and cannabis food trucks make everything so much more convenient.

They offer products from across the country and many recognizable name brands, but do consumers really know if these products are authentic or if cannabis is even safe?

Of course not.


The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have wiped out people’s memories along with their taste buds.

Vape crisis

Just a few years ago, this country experienced a vape crisis in which more than 2,000 Americans were hospitalized with lung illnesses associated with vaping and 60 people died, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Its investigators found that the cause of

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