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Opinion: How to craft great-tasting cannabis products 

Christopher Shade

Most everyone agrees that cannabis has flavor challenges.

The inherently bitter, earthy and pungent flavor profile is not particularly well-loved by the masses.

In addition, new or nontraditional marijuana consumers who don’t already vape or smoke can be especially put off by the way cannabis tastes.

These challenges explain why a significant amount of work goes into covering up the natural flavors of cannabis in confections, gummies and beverages.

However, for years now, the cannabis industry has been lousy at flavor, especially when compared to major consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers who have the production volume and capital needed to procure the best flavor companies and food scientists in the world.


Cannabis food and beverage companies are simply not in this league.

In fact, until just recently, most major flavor companies wouldn’t even sell to cannabis manufacturers.

As a result, the quality of flavored marijuana products

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