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Opinion: The top 5 cannabis compliance mistakes and how to avoid them

Marion Mariathasan

Plant-touching and ancillary cannabis businesses are operating within one of the world’s most fragmented regulatory landscapes.

And as more U.S. markets come online, keeping track of cannabis compliance requirements will only become more complex.

The importance of marijuana regulatory compliance cannot be overstated.

Implementing a robust compliance program is critical to protecting not only businesses but also licenses, pipelines and reputations.

It is also key to creating a culture of accountability that encourages employees to follow the rules, which frequently change.


Here are the top five cannabis compliance mistakes to avoid:

Mistake 1. Not understanding the agencies that regulate you

One of the most common mistakes cannabis entrepreneurs make is failing to understand the agencies that regulate their businesses.

For example, California has numerous state agencies that regulate cultivation.

At the local level, operators can be regulated by a board of supervisors or city

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