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Opinion: What the demise of Silicon Valley Bank means – and does not mean – for marijuana finance

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) isn’t good news for anyone.

Bank collapses portend wider threats to the economy – the Great Depression is one such example – particularly when they derive from an eroding capital base resulting from the Federal Reserve raising interest rates to battle inflation.


It is estimated that more than 50% of venture-backed companies used Santa Clara, California-headquartered SVB as their depository and financing institution.

Wealth management, currency hedges, stock placements, you name it: SVB was the go-to financial institution for the tech industry.

So SVB’s collapse is a big hurt for the tech start-up industry, a classic bank run.

The federal government’s stepping in and covering all deposits – not just those up to the $250,000 guaranteed limit – should help.

So, what is the effect of SVB’s demise on the cannabis industry?

Green disaster avoided

For once, the marijuana

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