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Pennsylvania Officials Promote Marijuana Pardon Program Ahead Of Friday Deadline, With Thousands Applying For Relief So Far

Pennsylvanians with low-level marijuana convictions on their records have until the end of Friday to submit applications for expedited pardons under a program launched by the governor last month.

The state Board of Pardons is facilitating the PA Marijuana Pardon Project, and Board Secretary Celeste Trusty told Marijuana Moment on Thursday that they’ve received about 2,500 applications for relief so far. That’s about 300 more applications that have come in since Trusty’s previous public update last Friday.

Now officials are making a final push to get “as many people as possible on their way to a completely clear record before the governor and lieutenant governor leave office,” Trusty said in a phone interview.

Applications can be submitted up through midnight on Friday. People with certain cannabis convictions involving up to 30 grams of marijuana or eight grams of hashish are eligible for the streamlined program.

People shouldn’t be held back from living their best lives because they were convicted of having or using a little bit of marijuana.

The deadline to apply for the PA Marijuana Pardon Project is September 30th.

— PA Board of Pardons (@BoardOfPardons) September 29, 2022

“We hear stories all the time about people who

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