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Oakland County To Open First Recreational Marijuana Shop In March

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The latest official reports confirm that Oakland County’s first recreational marijuana shop is opening its doors on March 14. The shop is located at the Greenhouse in Walled Lake, and they expect to serve thousands of people on opening day.

Initially, the Greenhouse opened up as a medical marijuana retailer. However, it has acquired a recreational marijuana license to operate in Oakland. When the business is open to the public, there will be a heated 4,000 square foot tent, several food trucks, and multiple vendors who will educate the customers. Greenhouse partner Jerry Millen said:

“This is not your grandma’s weed; this is not the weed you smoked in 1970.”  

Currently, Greenhouse employees are getting ready for what they think will be a crowd of thousands of people when they open on March 14. The new addition will soon be prepared to accommodate the recreational users as the other entrances will be reserved for the medical customers.

Whether to authorize recreational weed to be sold in this jurisdiction has been an issue communities are worried and struggling with. The shop has an attractive location that is exposed to Walled Lake’s historic downtown area. Hence, the business has brought a lot of foot traffic. Mayor Linda Ackley said:

“They’ve taken a building that was in deplorable shape and put hundreds of thousands of dollars into it and have revamped it and is unique when you see other provisioning centers on TV they don’t look like the Greenhouse.”  

The stage is now set as the first recreational marijuana shop awaits its first customers on March 14.

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