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Regulated out of Canada, Trailer Park Boys launch branded gummies in the U.S.

The Trailer Park Boys Canadian cannabis experiment was short-lived, but as Ricky would say, “good things come to those at the gate.”

The Boys “got learnt” on Canada’s strict promotion rules, which prohibit the depiction of real or fictional persons through reference, in 2020. A long-awaited deal with New Brunswick-based Organigram, first announced in 2016, barely got out the door before Health Canada stepped in and said a rebrand was required.

Trailer Park Buds became Big Bag O’ Buds, which has built up a reputation among consumers for consistent and affordable large-format offerings, and the Boys got out of the legal cannabis game, at least temporarily.

Last month, TPB launched hemp-derived Delta 9 gummies in partnership with Oregeon-based Hemptown Organics Corp. The gummies, which contain equal ratios of CBD and Delta 9, a hemp-derived psychoactive compound, follow up on the TPB-branded “hemp stix” which were launched

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