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Cannumo – a comprehensive review

Both cannabis and cryptotech are gaining their apex momentum these days. Even though both get their due share of overcharged criticisms, businesses worldwide are making an effort to capitalize on the marriage of the two. That kind of gap between industries presents its fair portion of problems to presuppose, describe and solve.

Cannumo opts to get it done by introducing a fresh method for amateur businessman newcomers of various financial makeups and cultural persuasions in the form of a set of state-of-the-art and easy-to-get-into solutions.

What potential problems must a newcomer face when starting in the cannabis industry?

The initiation process into the cannabis industry can seriously overwhelm anyone who’s trying to make his/her mark as a startup business. Circumnavigating various legal nuances and getting your proverbial “house in order” is only the starting threshold, leading one to an array of ingrained market problems. A newcomer deals with:

  •  The lack of enormous amounts of capital to develop an economy of scale;
  •  The discrimination of cannabis industry by banks and other forms of payment gateways, which burden their clients with hefty transaction fees;
  •  The lack of digital tools to engage in sales;
  •  Legal restrictions depending on your locale;
  •  Competing against shady manufacturers who operate in the shadows, and thus, deter payment processors from working with CBD sellers.
cannumo blockchain

What is Cannumo, and how does it help?

Cannumo presents itself as an offeror of solutions to those in Europe who appear at the threshold of the aforementioned problems. Cannumo has built a meticulous blockchain platform to combat the obsolete perception of how an economic relation should be positioned.

By finding an optimal configuration for investors, entrepreneurs, merchants, customers, and manufacturers to participate unobstructed, Cannumo is releasing three applications that offer different opportunities for a particular economic agent to engage inside the evergrowing cannabis industry. These three approaches are:

1. Cannumo GrowFunding

Operating in a similar fashion as, say, Kickstarter and other similar crowdfunding platforms, GrowFunding is an application that encourages potential investors to invest in the early stages of cannabis startups. Switzerland-based growth operations is a crucial investment destination, where depending on a current year’s harvest yields, a corresponding interest rate is gained. In addition, the security of each investment and validity of every object of investment is verified and ensured by the Cannumo team.

2. Cannumo CBD (Cannabis Business Dropshipping)

Cannumo CBD serves as an avenue for a would-be cannabis merchant. Anyone aspiring to fill an intermediary position inside the industry will be able to acquire white-label Cannumo cannabis production and, by installing Cannumo plugin into an e-commerce website of his/her choice, procure his/her own brand of cannabis product. It is incredibly easy because Cannumo will handle everything from seed to sale, thus letting the merchant maintain his peace of mind and not getting lost inside a cogwheel of complexity.

3. Cannumo Wallet

Cannumo Wallet, on the other hand, solves the problem of intricate payment gateways and their reluctance to work with cannabis sellers. An instantaneous digital payment is now available while a blockchain user holds a digital cannabis-specific currency wallet. The accepted digital currencies flow is not impeded by any traditional market markups. Thus, the implementation of such an application will populate the blockchain with a larger customer base faster than any traditional market can.

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