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Dutch Passion seeds – complete review

Dutch Passion seeds review

Seed breeders and seedbanks are both active participants in the cannabis growing industry. Some companies specialize in breeding, while others focus on storage. ‘Dutch Passion seeds’ is both a seed breeder and a seed bank. 

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, it’s important to identify a reliable breeder or a bank. As a buyer, you should look for seed banks that have been around for at least five years or longer. Such old companies like ‘Dutch Passion seeds’ know how to manage this type of business professionally. 

How to recognize a reliable seed bank?

Seed banks that have existed for only a few years with too good reviews are more likely to be scams. Overall, these are the basic qualities to get your attention to:

  • Have a working phone number with a real support team
  • Have detailed information about their company
  • Have been working for more than 5 years
  • Ensure their seeds are always in good condition
  • Provide terms of refund or shipping policy
  • Maintain an SSL-secured checkout
  • Have good reviews on third-party services like Trustpilot.

Why is it important to buy seeds from a trusted source?

Firstly, cannabis seeds are sensitive to the environmental conditions in which they are held. Keeping seeds in wrong conditions usually results in damage, and they will never sprout. In fact, it will be a terrible experience for any buyer if only 50% or less of the seeds manage to sprout. 

Secondly, unprofessional seed banks are more likely to sell low-quality seeds. Buying from a non-trusted supplier means there is a big chance of having male plants. It’s enough to get one male plant, and eventually, it will ruin your crop.

Last but not least is plant genetics. The highest quality cannabis comes from strains with the right genes. This is a crucial factor for your yield. Only a trusted source is capable of delivering for you seeds with the best genetics.

Why Dutch Passion Seeds?

Dutch Passion is one of the world’s oldest cannabis seedbanks and one of the few remaining original seed companies. The company has its own gene bank, which contains genetics collected several decades ago. 

Many newer seed banks and breeders today simply recycle existing varieties and rename them. “Dutch Passion seeds” has its own legacy varieties that date back to the 1980s and plenty of original seeds to use in its future projects. This makes it different from the average seed bank. 

Founded in the 1970s by Henk van Dalen, Dutch Passion has grown to become a global brand. The company was the first to work with DJ Short, founder of the Blue family. Together they created the Blueberry and the Blue Velvet

Dutch Passion seeds review on Trustpilot
Dutch Passion seeds have an excellent review score of 4.7 on

Importantly, the company invests in regular research and development to launch brand-new products recognized globally for its excellence. Overall, Dutch Passion Seeds embraces a nice catalog of feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and CBD-rich marijuana strains. Some of its most recognized genetics include White Widow, Blueberry, Skunk #11, and Mazar.

What environmental conditions needed for storing cannabis seeds?

If properly stored, cannabis seeds can remain vital for 4 – 10 years. For the long-term storage keep seeds in a cool (around 39°F), dry (6-9% moisture is ideal) and dark place. Do not allow them to be exposed to sunlight, so black vacuum-sealable, or heat-sealable containers are what you need.

Can you store seeds in the freezer?

Yes, all cannabis seeds can be stored in the freezer. The lower the temperature, the slower they decline.

How to spot healthy cannabis seeds?

High-quality and healthy cannabis seeds usually have a darker hue, come in brown, black, or tan exteriors. Looking under direct light, they should have a waxy and shiny coat.

Symmetry is essential too. A good sign of healthy cannabis seed is around or teardrop-shape. Last but not least, very important that cannabis seeds will exhibit a lustrous and uncracked exterior.

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