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A Comprehensive Review of Nokotech LED Grow Lights

The importance of LED grow lights (like those we will review today from Nokotech) in indoor cultivation lies in their ability to provide tailored and efficient lighting conditions, contributing to healthier plants, increased yields, and sustainable growing practices. As technology continues to advance, LED grow lights remain at the forefront of indoor gardening innovations.

In the vast landscape of indoor gardening, the plethora of available LED grow light brands often leaves growers facing a challenging decision-making process. The market is teeming with options, each boasting unique features, specifications, and claims of superior performance. Navigating through this diverse array of choices can perplex both seasoned cultivators and those just beginning their horticultural journey. The considerations are multifaceted, from wattage and light spectrum to durability and brand reputation.

Today, we turn our attention to the cutting-edge world of indoor horticulture as we delve into the flagship model of NŌKOTECH (a.k.a NOKOTECH), a rapidly growing LED brand hailing from Europe. Renowned for its innovation and commitment to pushing the boundaries of agricultural technology, it has gained prominence among growers seeking state-of-the-art LED grow lights that deliver top-quality yields.

Who Is Behind The NOKOTECH Brand?

According to publicly available information, the NOKOTECH brand was established in 2021. The team behind it has more than 10 years of combined experience in manufacturing, product design, and indoor horticulture. Different specialization team members came together to create high-end indoor horticultural and vertical farming products for home and industrial growers.

NOKOTECH has rapidly captured the attention of large-scale industrial vertical farming growers, emerging as a pivotal player in the evolution of controlled-environment agriculture. The company’s innovative approach to LED grow lights has garnered widespread acclaim, positioning it as a preferred choice among industrial growers seeking cutting-edge solutions. Currently, the company is actively involved in significant undertakings within the United Kingdom, contributing to the expansion and advancement of the vertical farming industry. Elevating the standard for large-scale indoor strawberry farming, the company has recently launched its flagship model which is specifically engineered to cater to the unique needs of extensive strawberry cultivation in vertical farming environments.

While our focus is on the SMART 880 today, we’re also planning to take a quick glance at some of the other remarkable models in their lineup.

You can visit NOKOTECH Headquaters showroom/shop in UK, Ilkeston.

SMART 880 LED fixture

The initial observation draws attention to the inconspicuous premium carton box. The fixture, securely nestled in high-quality black foam, exudes a sense of safety and cleanliness.

The LED light exudes a premium feel right from the first touch, while the LCD screen conveys the impression that it’s not an ordinary light but rather a sophisticated piece of high-tech equipment.

PPFD distribution map & Specifications

This fixture comes in substantial dimensions, measuring 42.8×44.9×2.8 inches, making it a sizeable addition to your indoor cultivation setup. Its expansive coverage of 60×60 inches ensures that even larger grow spaces receive uniform and effective illumination, but you won’t fit it in small tents like 39×39 inches.

PPFD map shows amazing light distribution levels at 12 and 24 inches distance.

  1. Total power of 880W with UV/IR bars
  2. Max PPF – 2100 μmol/s (with UV/IR bars 2300)
  3. PPE – 2.7 μmol/j
  4. Four full-spectrum combinations for every growth stage
  5. Equipped with top-grade San’an (white) & Osram (red) LED chips

No need for the controller – LCD on main unit does the job

No wonder why this unit is a SMART one. The LCD screen offers an impressive level of control, allowing you to select from four distinct light output spectrums tailored to each growth stage of your plants. This feature ensures optimal conditions for germination, vegetative growth, flowering, and beyond. Moreover, the LCD screen serves a dual purpose by functioning as a convenient controller for coordinating multiple fixtures, seamlessly managing the settings (spectrums, PPF values, Wattage, Current, Timer for sunset/sunrise, and dimming) of slave fixtures (up to 100 units) in your cultivation setup. This streamlined control mechanism enhances the overall efficiency and adaptability of the LED grow lights.

UV/IR bars elevates your harvest quality to new heights

The fixture boasts compatibility with UV/IR bars, adding an extra layer of versatility to your cultivation strategy. UV light, known for its unique benefits, plays a crucial role in plant development. Exposure to UVB radiation can stimulate the production of secondary metabolites in plants, such as flavonoids and terpenes, which contribute to enhanced aroma and flavor profiles. Additionally, UV light exposure is linked to increased resistance to pests and diseases, making it a valuable tool for promoting overall plant health. Integrating UV bars into the fixture underscores its commitment to providing a comprehensive light spectrum to meet the diverse needs of your plants throughout their growth cycles.

Our Verdict

This LED grow fixture, designed for advanced-level growers seeking top-tier equipment, boasts exceptional quality and an array of advanced features tailored to those with a profound understanding of cultivation intricacies. Despite the extra cost, it ensures that seasoned growers can fully leverage its comprehensive capabilities to enhance cultivation practices and achieve next level results. Although, even if you’re a rookie grower unafraid to invest a bit more in navigating the indoor cultivation learning curve, rest assured – you won’t regret the enhanced experience and results that come with it!


  • High-quality construction
  • Ample power for large yields
  • Cutting-edge technology with LCD
  • No need for an extra controller
  • 4 Spectrum combinations with UV/IR bars
  • Higher spec LEDs for Top-quality yields


  • Priced above the average
  • The dimensions are a bit large, not suitable for small 39x39in tents.

A Glimpse into Their Other Products

Company presents several additional models of LED grow lights, each designed to cater to different needs. Let’s take a quick look at these offerings.

FX PRO 1000

This particular LED grow light model distinguishes itself with its remarkable power of 1000W and an innovative assembly that eliminates the need for any wiring to connect LED bars. The efficient design not only enhances ease of use but also ensures a streamlined and hassle-free installation process. For those well-versed in indoor cultivation, this light has the potential to yield the highest harvests of all. It’s a must to have light if you are using CO2.

POWER – 1000W
PPF – 2700 μmol/s
PPE – 2.7 μmol/j
LEDs – San’an (white) & Osram (red)
Dimmensions: 42 x 47 x 5.3 in


Renowned among professional growers, it epitomizes professionalism itself. Despite its compact size (it fits into the same layouts as HPS 1000W), it delivers an exceptionally powerful light output, requiring placement at a minimum distance of 39 inches from the canopy to harness its full potential. The inclusion of high-end components, such as the Inventronics driver, not only speaks to its formidable performance but also guarantees longevity. This light stands on par with the Gavita CT2000e, showcasing comparable performance and excellence.

POWER – 820W
PPF – 2000 μmol/s
PPE – 2.5 μmol/j
LEDs – Seoul (white), San’an (blue) & Osram (red)
Dimmensions: 29 x 13.5 x 3.5 in

Lower PPE level result from the incorporation of protective LED lenses, crafting an optimal 120° beam angle while safeguarding the LEDs against both moisture and physical impact.

ECO 660

Being a budget-friendly model, the ECO 660 effortlessly blends great specifications with practicality. With a mid-power output of 660W, it balances efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The ECO 660 is a lightweight contender, making it easy to integrate into various setups. Its simplicity in construction doesn’t compromise performance, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious growers seeking quality without sacrificing essential features.

POWER – 660W
PPF – 1848 μmol/s
PPE – 2.7 μmol/j
LEDs – San’an (white) & Osram (red)
Dimmensions: 43.6 x 42 x 3.4 in

Simplex 680

Simplex 680 is a budget-friendly champion. Despite its cost-effective nature, this model doesn’t shy away from delivering good performance. Equipped with mid-range specification LED chips and powered by a 600W HPS ballast, the Simplex 680 caters to those seeking a super-saving mode without sacrificing fundamental features. Moreover, it even includes a feature from the higher-grade models – supporting a daisy-chain connection using a PWM controller

POWER – 680W
PPF – 1836 μmol/s
PPE – 2.7 μmol/j
LEDs – AMTC (white) & Ledestar (red)
Dimmensions: 43.5 x 42 x 2.1 in


In the often overlooked stages of seedling or clone cultivation, the choice of grow lights remains just as crucial. NOKOTECH steps up to the plate with a flawless substitute for the traditional T5 tubes, offering an ideal solution for nurturing seedlings and clones in vertical grow setups. The light boasts a perfect spectrum tailored to the delicate needs of these early growth phases, ensuring optimal development. Its full waterproofing (IP66) assures growers that moisture won’t compromise the integrity of the light, making it a dependable choice for the vital early stages of plant growth.

PPE – 2.4 μmol/j
LEDs – Aucksun (w & b), San’an (r)
Dimmensions: 44.1 x 1 x 1.2 in

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, NOKOTECH stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of LED grow lights, consistently delivering high-quality solutions for both home gardeners and professional cultivators. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of horticultural technology is evident in the exceptional performance of their products. Notably, NOKOTECH distinguishes itself by providing growers with the opportunity to achieve remarkable results at affordable prices when compared to other top-level brands on the market. With a dedication to quality and accessibility, NOKOTECH has solidified its position as a go-to choice for those seeking cutting-edge LED grow lights to elevate their cultivation endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using LED grow lights?

LED lights offer energy efficiency, longevity, and spectrum control for optimal plant growth during all grow cycles.

How far should LED grow lights be from plants?

General rule of thumb: 12-24 inches is recommended, but it depends on the specific light and plant.

Do LED lights save energy compared to other types?

Yes, LEDs are energy-efficient and can significantly reduce electricity costs. You can expect the savings to be around 20-30% compared to HID lights. With the same electricity usage, you can expect your yields to be at least 20-30% larger.

What spectrum is best for plant growth with LEDs?

Full-spectrum LEDs, covering blue to red wavelengths, are ideal for all growth stages. Far-red and UV spectrums are beneficial but come only from premium brands like Nokotech, Lumatek, etc.

Can LED lights replace sunlight for plants?

While they provide essential light, natural sunlight still benefits overall plant health. But we think the technology is still to come.

Do LED lights produce heat like traditional grow lights?

LEDs emit less heat than HID lights, reducing the risk of burning plants and allowing for closer placement. But they still do, and some more than others. For colder regions, having some heat from the lights is very beneficial. For example, the Compact Pro 820 1:1 HPS replacement or Gavita ct2000e emits more heat than the usual LED grow light.

Are LED grow lights suitable for all plant types?

Yes, LEDs can enhance yields because they deliver tailored light spectrums. The only thing that matters is that every plant has different power needs. For example, the microgreens can be grown using a Clone LED light with 25W power.

Are there specific tips for optimizing LED grow light use?

Ensure proper placement, adjust intensity based on growth stage, and monitor plant responses for optimal results. Our recent guide shows you how to grow using LED lights.

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