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Study Of Reddit Marijuana Posts Shows How Being Super High Or Sober Affects Types Of Submissions To r/Trees

Researchers in a newly published journal article examined posts in a popular marijuana-focused Reddit community, finding that certain types of submissions seemed to correlate with how high users reported being. In particular, posts about in-person social settings were associated with “greater subjective highness” than those concerning online social environments.

“Posters reported greater subjective highness when using language that referred to in-person social environments,” says the study, published last month in the journal PLOS One, “and lower subjective highness when using language that referred to online social environments and positive affect psychological states.”

Authors of the study analyzed hundreds of thousands of Reddit posts that were submitted from 2010 to 2018, looking at those that employed a convention on the subreddit in which users include bracketed numbers indicating how high they felt at the time.

That involves “a scale of 0–10, indicated in brackets,” researchers explained, “where 0 is ‘sober,’ 1–2 is ‘buzzed,’ and 10 is ‘in space.”

“This subjective highness rating reflects online community-driven efforts to create a measurement convention for relating shared experiences of cannabis consumption,” they added.

The goal of the new research was to use those bracketed numbers to study what contexts were associated with greater or

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