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Supply concerns will wreak havoc on Germany’s adult-use cannabis market

More details on Germany’s planned adult-use cannabis market will be announced soon and will be eagerly used, and there is currently a lot of uncertainty surrounding the proposed reforms.

The federal government’s top priorities are public health and safety and the protection of minors; thereby eliminating the illicit market.

To do this, the government needs to ensure that there is enough legal cannabis available to meet demand at the right price.

This appears to be a major challenge, as even now, nearly 10 years later, in Uruguay — the first regulated adult-use — illicit and indigenous cannabis will account for nearly three-quarters of the market.

Likewise, in Canada, more than 50% still comes from the black market.

The retail price of marijuana will play a big role in spreading the shift, but perhaps the biggest potential stumbling block will be ensuring an adequate supply.

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