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THC-Infused ‘Stoned Pizza’ to open shop in Los Angeles

THC-Infused ‘Stoned Pizza’

To the Californians, it’s good news and congratulations as they keep getting all the good stuff of the cannabis community. Stoned Pizza, which has been serving medical marijuana patients in New York and New Jersey, has confirmed its decision to open shop in Los Angeles. 

THC-infused pizza in LA

Following this development, pizza lovers in LA will have their THC needs met through their favourite snack. While there’s no information about prices yet, it’s estimated that “order minimums for the East Coast branch of Stoned Pizza start at $200 for delivery or $100 for pickup,” as High Times earlier reported.

Stoned Pizza’s move to set up shop in Los Angeles already created quite a lot of excitement, with celebrities like Method Man, Ty Dolla $ign, and Raw’s Josh Kesselman advertising the brand on social media. Besides, comedian Young Jack Thriller has signed up as the company’s brand ambassador. 

All the same, it’s not just about the pies. Stoned Pizza brings on board a complete menu of THC-infused products including chicken wings, beverages, and desserts such as cheesecake, cookies, and brownies. 

We don’t just have pizza. We have garlic knots, we have sodas. We have four different flavours of sodas, too. Canna Cola, Orange Kush, Stoned Sprite, and Grape Ape. We even have vegan pizza so no one is left out, the company’s brand ambassador Thriller said. 

Working on regulatory details

Before it hits the ground running, Stoned Pizza is currently busy with streamlining its operations to fit into the California’s strict cannabis market. However, the company is already optimistic about the good and bigger things to come.

Right now, that’s the first one we’re going to go out with, but we’re going to open these things up like In-N-Out Burgers. We’re going to open them up everywhere, Stoned Pizza entrepreneur Chris Barret said.

According to Thriller, the company is opening up to all the people that have been victims of the War on Drugs. The company is targeting that category people to give back.

This development comes at a time when marijuana business is considered pandemic-proof, owing to its resilience amid the raging COVID-19 scourge.  According to recent reports from major cannabis-allied companies like Glass House Group, Weedmaps, and others, the marijuana market has shown a “substantial interest and opportunity for growth.”

With the push for federal legalization gaining momentum across the US, the fledgling cannabis industry is set to experience explosive growth in the future. One of the top-performing cannabis brands during the lockdown period is Trulieve Cannabis, which embraces the “seed-to-sale” slogan. The company cultivates, sells, and distributes medical marijuana. In Q1 alone, its revenue amounted to $96.1 million, which was “an increase of 21% on a sequential quarter-to-quarter basis.”

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