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The benefits of using seaweed fertilizer for marijuana

While there are many proven ways to grow healthy cannabis plants, adding an algae fertilizer to the mix can make them even better. Seaweed is undoubtedly a better alternative to traditional fertilizers and can help your plants thrive under environmental stressors such as disease, pests, salinity and drought.

Algae is considered a biostimulant for cannabis and other plants. Biostimulants are natural products, not limited to fertilizers, that promote plant growth when given in small amounts. Biostimulants have been used in agriculture to support responsible and sustainable farming.

Here’s why you should add algae to your cannabis plants as a superfood fertilizer:

Excellent nutrition: When algae grow in water bodies, they absorb many macronutrients, micronutrients and minerals and pass them on to plants. No other fertilizer can match the nutritional content of seaweed! In addition to the above nutrients, it also contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, boron, plant hormones and fatty acids. When cannabis plants absorb these substances through the fertilizers they use, they get a serious nutritional boost, helping them grow efficiently and withstand stress.

Improve Moisture: Adding dry algae to hemp topsoil in the same way as mulching is an effective way to lock in soil moisture. Therefore, you will need less watering, but you can rest assured that the roots of the cannabis will thrive.

Germination: Applying seaweed to cannabis plants promotes seed germination while also helping to regulate soil pH. Additionally, it boosts the metabolism of cannabis as it increases trace minerals in the soil, making it easier for the plant and roots to absorb nutrients.

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Charles Green

Charles is a long-time cannabis connoisseur and cultivator from California. As more and more states legalize cannabis, Charles writes guides, reviews and tips for cannabis home-growers using his priceless experience.

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