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The top 15 dankest weed memes among stoners in 2020 -21 (Updated)

Laughing from weed memes

For many years memes have been widespread among people of different ages. Internet memes grew as a concept in the mid-1990s. At the time, memes were just short clips shared between people in Usenet forums and via emails. As the internet evolved, so did memes. When social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook appeared, it became effortless to share GIFs and meme images to a broad audience. The golden age of memes (weed memes, too) has started.

Now, it’s not surprising to see older adults, even those in their 50s, sharing memes on Facebook. It’s because these days anyone can make a meme about anything by using a simple app like Meme Generator. As a result, you can find memes about nerds, moms, gamers, and other various existing Internet subcultures.

So what kind of memes stoners and cannabis enthusiasts love the most? Of course, weed memes. However, if you are not passionate about cannabis, this type of memes probably won’t make any sense to you. If you are one of them who haven’t been a cannabis lover till now and still want to get this kind of memes, take a puff (that’s mandatory) and look at the most hilarious and creative weed memes of 2020.

15. That feeling when you know you have just smoked the last one joint. This one is quite easy to understand, even to those who do not smoke weed. It is very similar to any other feeling when something you like (for example, your favorite slice of pizza) has just ended, you still want more, you think you don’t have more, and your friend unexpectedly brought you more.

weed meme about bringing new joint

14. Many of us don’t have a lot of love for math. And usually, if you don’t feel passionate about something, you simply try to avoid it. But not when it comes to weed. You love counting those ounces when buying some dank lol.

weed meme about hating the math

13. If you ever smoked weed from a bong, you know that feeling – when you hit it too hard, it’s damn difficult not to start coughing. At that point, you can consider yourself partly an astronaut. You have just entered the edge of the Thermosphere (the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere closest to space).

weed meme about smoking bong

12. Stoners are like little kids inside when it comes to weed.

weed meme about no more stash

11. Imagine one “thing” you love the most. And now imagine you saw it while walking down the street. Yes, you got it! It’s like for a biker to see an amazing motorcycle passing by. He will watch it until it disappears. Same with stoners when they smell weed somewhere around. You breathe in deeply and make a sneaky smile.

weed meme about smelling cannabis in public

10. Imagine you are a gamer. You like playing online with friends. The government announces quarantine for one month because of the pandemic, and now you can play for the whole month without going to work. But the government shuts down the internet for the entire time. You can play, but it’s not as fun as with friends on the internet.

weed meme about 420 celebration during coronavirus lockdown

9. No need to explain how free you feel when one thing you love the most is not restricted in your area. Think about it. You love ice-cream, but it’s forbidden in your area. But your friends in another state sending you pics with eating it outside. By the way, after a fat joint, Häagen-Dazs is a must!

weed meme about cannabis legalization

8. Weed enthusiast has been saying it for a long time – legalize cannabis! It will not only bring a chunk of money into a budget but also will help millions of people to fight many disorders. And now, when pandemic came with a huge crisis ahead, political talk about legalization escalated very quickly among many states. Furthermore, many states which have already legalized cannabis named it among essential business during the pandemic.

weed meme about coronavirus lockdown

7. You can try to pretend you are not high, but you can’t hide red eyes and thirst. Your boss will notice it for sure.

weed meme about day in the office

6. Even if you can pass a joint to your homie during the coronavirus pandemic, time goes faster and more enjoyable when you are high.

weed meme about lockdown

5. When you smoke weed, you won’t feel hungover like you do when you drink alcohol. Quite the opposite, smoking weed will make you feel rested and happy.

weed meme about morning after cannabis smoking

4. Time goes so slow while you wait for something you desperately want. Even worse when it takes years for new laws to become active.

weed meme about weed legalization

3. When you hear the word “overdose”, you think about something terrible, even death. But it’s not a case when you talk about weed. The worst symptom of the overdose is deep sleep lol.

weed meme about weed overdose

2. This guy is the king of memes, especially weed memes. This one you should try to understand directly. There are no hidden meanings.

weed meme about stoners

1. This one is our number one weed meme of 2020. It can be added to the category of black humour. Coronavirus came from nowhere and ruined the plan of a decade for stoners.

weed meme of 2020

Bonus memes for 2020, we call them the Golden ones

Yes, when we, stoners, have to spend so much time at home, expect a little bit of creativity. The song of 2020 is not so cheerful at all, after all.

weed meme song of 2020

This great idea was the best what pandemic could give us. We hope this plan worked well for stoners.

weed meme during pandemic

Every year we learn about the new benefits of cannabis and its products. The cannabis legalization process across the countries accelerates, and skeptics, who say weed is a hard drug, are becoming difficult to find. So don’t be surprised to see your elderly parents sharing a joint.

weed meme cannabis

The scary thing about edibles is that you can’t predict when and how hard they will hit you. Sometimes you can eat one cookie and after an hour think that you feel nothing so decide to take one more bite. And then it comes back to you.

weed meme about edibles

If you try to talk seriously about having a joint with a stoner, you will probably end up having another one. Nobody will take you seriously, so there is no other choice for you left, just puff puff and pass.

weed meme about feelings after puff

You would never think about it unless sitting in quarantine at home with a decent stock of weed.

weed meme about dog food

When the cannabis laws are sometimes so ridiculous, stoners have to find solutions. And they find it.

weed meme about weed laws

You missed home parties so much that you are already thinking about those moments when the pandemic will be over.

weed meme about quests

The last one is from the black humor category. You can laugh from it only when you had some potent edibles and a fat joint on top.

weed meme about 2020 and 2021

As 2021 is heading to the end, few more weed memes…

Let’s start with a vital message first. Netflix, we need a “Stoned” category, okay? You become extra vulnerable when you are high, and those endless searches can lead to no movie at all. We hope you will listen to all stoners and make it happen in 2022!

stoned netflix category, weed memes

We all have at least a couple of friends who have never tried weed, and they think alcohol is less harmful than smoking weed. But only when they try to smoke some quality weed and wake up feeling like a newborn baby do, they start to realize: WTF? this sh * t is fantastic …

Caution: this does not apply to illegal weed grown on chemicals, cat piss, and who knows what else.

we prefer weed over alcohol

Have you ever thought that you need to shut that f *** ing fridge off that always scares the shit out of you when it starts to make those ice-making noises? You are stoned, and you have 0 tolerance for unexpected sounds. So please shut the f *** k up.

scary sounds for stoners

This one goes along with the request for Netflix… You just want to remember what you wanted to look on Instagram. So you can imagine how much harder it is to remember a good movie to watch… That sh*t hits hard…

stoners memory is weak

For many years we were afraid to smoke weed and get caught for it. We became paranoid about it, and after weed got legalized, we still are haunted by that siren sounds…

Note: still, some USA states left where weed is illegal. We strongly encourage to legalize it as soon as possible. 

strange souds for stoners

Assuming that we are talking about ‘weed dealers’, this year’s last one is like a manifest for federal marijuana legalization. If you think these words mean nothing, please leave this website and never come back, LOL.

true words about marijuana legalization

When was the first Internet meme created?

In 1976, Richard Dawkins was the first one to use the term “meme” as a way to explain how cultural information spreads. From the 1980s meme culture began to emerge. Internet memes began to spread from the early 1990s.

What are "Dank" memes?

Dank memes are a genre of memes involving meme formats but in a new way to image macros. The term “dank” means “a cold, damp place” and is commonly used by marijuana smokers to refer to high-quality marijuana. That’s how it became an ironic term for a type of weed meme, and also becoming synonymous with “cool”.

What's wrong with me if no weed meme is funny for me?

The only answer would be to check what sh*t your dealer is selling for you… Maybe it’s time to find a new one, or even better – visit a local marijuana dispensary.

Will the covid-19 pandemic will be over in 2022?

Real stoners don’t ask silly questions. They just enjoy their free time.

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