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These are the best cannabis apps you need to download now

the best cannabis apps you need to download now

As the push for cannabis legalization gains momentum in America and the world at large, the cannabis industry is positioning itself to fit in the tech space of the modern world. 

The booming, yet controversial industry has emerged complete with handy apps to enhance your marijuana experience. The following are the best cannabis apps you should download now for a better experience of the weed culture.


Weedmaps Marijuana & Cannabis app

Weedmaps is one of the highest-ranking medical apps on iTunes. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for cannabis information, this is the place to go. It incorporates a blend of Google maps, Amazon, and Yelp for dispensaries, doctors, brands, and delivery services across North America and Europe.


Leafly cannabis app

Originally started as an online information hub for cannabis strains, Leafly today covers flavours, effects, and much more. If you’d like to know the location of your closest dispensary or the reviews about your last strain, you get it all here. This free download app has been around for a while, providing cannabis users with news, videos, and social networking platforms.


tokr cannabis app

Tokr provides everything you need to know about weed care, with a strong lifestyle slant. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or exercise, CBD, THC, or even both, this cannabis app will handle that. You need vape pen or edibles? The app will obey your answers and distill high-end brands and sellers. If you’re new to legal cannabis, this app will connect you with stores and brands of benefit to you.

My Canary 

Endorsed by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), My Canary app enables cannabis users to accurately identify changes in their personal performance. For instance, it can alert drivers if they’re too ‘drugged’ to drive. 

It scientifically tests the user’s time perception, balance, memory, and reaction time against an individual performance baseline. Eventually it evaluates the user’s level of impairment. This may lead marijuana consumers to show responsible practices while consuming their weed of product of choice. 


MassRoots Medical Cannabis app

This community app is vibrant and leaves participants more motivated than other communities. Its pages are filled with information about strains, brands, and dispensaries, making it a fierce competitor of Weedmaps and Leafly. Most cannabis enthusiasts use the platform as a media hub. They can get stories relating to studies on CBD, recipes, and the latest marijuana legislation.

The benefits of cannabis consumption go further than just making you high. With these cannabis apps, you can discover much more about the culture and improve your experience.

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