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Throwback Thursday: While filming in Nova Scotia, the Titanic crew took an unexpected trip after lunch

On the evening of Aug. 8, 1996, a memorable night unfolded at Dartmouth General Hospital.

Members of the crew working on the set of James Cameron’s Titanic descended on the facility, in varying states of distress. While some were woozy and unsteady on their feet, others were dancing in a conga line and racing wheelchairs through the hallways.

The culprit? A lunch of seafood chowder spiked with phencyclidine, or PCP.

The mystery of who dosed the chowder remains unsolved. In fact, it’s not entirely clear what type of chowder was actually served.

Cameron recalled mussel chowder, actor Bill Paxton claimed it was clam and a report from the Halifax police deemed it was lobster, according to Vanity Fair.

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