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Top cannabis podcasts you should not miss to listen to in 2020

Top cannabis podcasts

Podcasts like “The Adam Dunn Show” are becoming so popular, and cannabis enthusiasts and brands are not left behind. They are a powerful way for cannabis brands with their respective customers. 

Growing in popularity 

According to recent statistics, podcasts shows have exceeded 750,000, featuring more than 30 million episodes. In the cannabis industry, 80 percent of listeners say they follow all or most of each episode. In this era of short attention spans, a standard podcast lasts about 43 minutes.

Podcasts are designed for specific niche audiences. In the cannabis space, listeners usually follow what touches their interest—something that can help them learn more about cannabis. For brands, this piece of content is highly effective, especially when it comes to creating and keeping an engaged community.

Some podcast hosts facilitate the sense of belonging by giving special names to their listener base. The content is highly focused, with a conversation that gets the attention of the listeners. If you’re looking for top cannabis podcasts to listen to in 2020, check out the following:

The Adam Dunn Show

The Adam Dunn Show provides lengthy, deep dives about the cannabis space. Dunn believes in getting his customers engaged with in-depth information from his guests. These shows can last up to three hours with experts to break down any intriguing news, rumour, or aspect of the cannabis industry.

Blunt Business

This podcast targets listeners who are interested in the business and entrepreneurial aspect of cannabis. It covers a wide range of subjects from designing sustainability-driven cannabis technology to assisting businesses with developing their unique brands. The show is often a roundtable-style, featuring interviews with industry experts.


CannaInsider is a hot cannabis podcast delivered by Matthew Kind from Colorado. He refers to Colorado as the “ground zero in the rapidly evolving and immensely lucrative cannabis market.” The highly popular weekly podcast comes with experts who dissect details of the cannabis space. Each episode summarizes the business impact of the topic under discussion.

Cannabis Cultivation and Science

If you’re looking for science-backed information about cannabis, this podcast is for you. Sponsored by KIS Organics, it delivers more than 50 episodes that focus on how to grow cannabis. The host brings on board leading experts to talk about cannabis grow and get down to details such as nutrient density and the best material for containers.

Cannabis Economy

Seth Adler delivers these podcasts directly from his website. His audio episodes provide a real-time history of legal marijuana. Adler and his guests narrate how “personal and industry” histories combine to give the reality of cannabis. The show already has 300 30-minute podcasts that focus mainly on the business side of the cannabis industry

The Ganjapreneur

If you’re eyeing the marijuana business, this podcast offers relevant transcripts that you can use to shed light on any terms that may be unclear. Recent episodes of this show have covered various topics including how brands approach the regulation of cannabis markets.

Getting Dough With High

Delivered by the “Super High Me” cannabis documentary maker Doug Benson, this podcast offers hundreds of episodes with guests like Tommy Chong and Jack Black.

The Hash

This weekly podcast is a product of It provides a generous mix of cannabis news and culture. The episodes are usually shorter compared to other podcasts, sometimes lasting only 7 minutes or slightly more. All the same, they are long enough for listeners to learn something new and come back for more.

State of Cannabis

This popular podcast is a product of Cannabis Radio, an audio network that focuses on the cannabis industry. It offers various approaches, but the subject remains a cannabis culture. All their statements are backed by facts. 

Final Thoughts

Podcasts work effectively where most marketing tools don’t. For brands, it’s an audio play to grab the attention of consumers. For the listener, it provides a handy tool to know more about the cannabis industry – at any time. It’s convenient, effective, and affordable.

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