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Transplants of liver are denied for Cannabis users for no reason

A study examines the alleged risks between liver transplants and marijuana users, an issue that has long prevented these people from getting the organs they need.

Although a large portion of the U.S. population is marijuana users, they are often excluded from liver transplants. The trial saved lives and revealed a case of discrimination against marijuana users.

In the past, scientists and experts have been concerned about the effects of cannabis in the human body. In the case of liver transplants, there are concerns that marijuana may pose a greater risk of infection.

A new study seeks to understand why liver transplants and marijuana remain a problem. The study, published earlier this month in the American Journal of Medical Sciences, examined various data to paint a picture of the risks faced by marijuana users who have undergone successful liver transplants.

The researchers analyzed data from 111 patients who smoked marijuana. Only 32 of them received liver transplants. The researchers compared marijuana users who underwent liver transplants to non-users who underwent the same procedure and found no statistical difference between the two.

Sharon explained that fungal infections are often a problem when it comes to liver transplants, especially in the case of Aspergillus, which is also found in cannabis plants. “There are concerns that ingesting cannabis products contaminated with Aspergillus can make transplants difficult and lead to failure or death.”

The study analyzed all possible factors and refuted these claims. “Our data suggest that marijuana use is not associated with an increased risk of postoperative nonadherence, other organ complications, infection, or death,” the researchers concluded. “As a single factor, marijuana may not need to be a contraindication for LT. “

Although the study is small, it shows some of the ways in which the law and science discriminate against cannabis users, even when the user’s health is guaranteed. The data shows how important it is for scientists to fully study the plant, especially now that it is gaining popularity and legalization across the country.

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