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Two New Minnesota Polls Show Support For Legalizing Marijuana

A new pair of polls has found that the majority of Minnesota residents support adult-use marijuana legalization—and one survey shows that even more Minnesotans approve of the state’s move to legalize THC-infused edibles that was enacted earlier this year.

The first survey from KSTP and SurveyUSA found that 57 percent of respondents back recreational legalization, including a majority of Democrats (62 percent), Republicans (52 percent) and independents (57 percent).

Via SurveyUSA.

A separate survey from The Star Tribune, MPR News and KARE 11 that was released on Sunday also found that legalization enjoys majority support in Minnesota, though by a smaller margin of 53 percent.

That poll showed a wider partisan divide on the issue, too. While 70 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of independents said that they back ending prohibition, only 29 percent of Republicans said the same. There was majority support for legalization across all age demographics except those 65+ (47 percent).

Respondents in the SurveyUSA poll were separately asked about legislation that Gov. Tim Walz (D) signed into law in June that included provisions to provide permanent protections allowing state hemp businesses to legally market certain cannabis products—including foods and beverages infused with CBD and other cannabinoids.

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