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Two people arrested after more than $95,000 worth of weed found in underground bunker

Irish police executing a search warrant on a property in Dunmore County had their suspicions confirmed when they found an illegal cannabis grow-op, dried weed and an underground bunker.

And in 2013, police in B.C. shut down a sophisticated underground grow-op disguised as a hobby far. Inside the bunker, officers found 430 pot plants.

In the Irish incident, all seized drugs will be sent for further analysis and the investigation is continuing.

The warrant was executed as part of Operation Tara, an enhanced national, anti-drugs strategy that focuses on tackling street-level dealing in cities, towns and villages.

In 2020, members of Garda’s Divisional Drug Units confiscated in excess of 137.8 kilograms of cocaine, 368.6 kg of cannabis, 41.4 kg of Diamorphine, 28.4 kg of amphetamines and tablets (including MDMA and LSD) and 471,400 Benzodiazepine tablets.

As it stands, according to

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