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Virginia man sets up illegal grow near prison in South Carolina

A Virginia man apparently took the “where they least expect it” approach when he set up an illegal cannabis grow-op not far from the local prison on York County government property.

The grow-op did not go unnoticed, though, and the 35-year-old man now faces charges of trafficking marijuana between 10 to 100 pounds (4.5 to 45 kilograms) and entry onto land for cultivating cannabis, according to the News & Observer.

Recreational cannabis is illegal in South Carolina and growing any number of marijuana plants is a felony, notes information from Marijuana and the Law.

Growing less than 100 plants carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison and US$5,000 ($6,350) in fines. Penalties rise to a minimum of 25 years in prison and a US$25,000 ($31,750) fine for growing 100 to 1,000 plants.

Aaron David Palbicke was arrested on outstanding warrants

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