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Wrong move: Police find 100-plus kg of cannabis inside moving boxes

Stuffing cannabis inside moving boxes was hardly enough of a disguise to throw K-9 officer Tara off the scent of illegal cannabis earlier this week.

Per My State Line, two men aged 37 and 42, both from North Carolina, have been charged drug trafficking. One of the men is facing an additional charge of certain persons forbidden to carrying a firearm.

“We don’t like drugs coming through our community,” Steele Police Chief Mark Ward is quoted as saying. “I’m glad this amount is off the street.”

Commenting on Tara’s snap on Facebook, poster Jen Bollinger suggested a good deed demands a good meal. “She is a good girl. Someone needs to fix her a steak.”

K-9 officers have proved a helpful asset in identifying illegal cannabis, everything from dropping the dime on weed in a high school student’s car in the U.S.

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