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15 children hospitalized after consuming illegal marijuana edibles

marijuana edibles

Canada’s state agency Health Canada has issued a warning for people to remain vigilant and keep marijuana edibles out of the reach of children. This comes as several children ended up in the hospital after they consumed illegal cannabis edibles.

Adverse reactions

According to an official from the department, at least 15 children under the age of 12 have been hospitalized for several adverse reactions after they consumed cannabis-laced food or drinks. This has happened since Canada legalized recreational marijuana in October 2018.  Serious adverse reactions include hospitalization, incapacitation, or even death. However, the department did not report any deaths associated with the issue.

In most instances, the victims accidentally consumed illegal edibles that resembled regular candy or other foods. Additionally, the products were stored within the reach of the children, in places like freezers or refrigerators.  The agency now warns people not to store marijuana products where youngsters can find them. Consumers are also warned to purchase only legal products that should have child-resistant and plain packaging that doesn’t attract children. 

Cannabis-laced food and drinks were not legalized in Canada, one year after dried seeds, flowers, and oils became legal in the country. The first edible cannabis products were actually approved for sale in December 2019. Cannabis edibles such as gummies, beverages, and chocolates are considered legal only if they’re sold by retailers authorized by provincial and territorial governments. Besides, they should have proper labels and a set THC content.

Keeping everyone safe 

According to Health Canada, proper storage and labelling are critical in keeping everyone safe. Even adults can easily confuse cannabis-laced edibles with regular candies and baked products. This report comes at a time when police in Trinidad and Tobago recently arrested a 28-year old woman with more than 100 grams of marijuana and several cannabis-laced edibles. 

In a police exercise led by Senior Sup Ramkhelawan and ASP Gyan, the officers acted on intelligence tips that led them to the woman’s home in the Piarco area. They conducted a search warrant and found the substance in two transparent bags. 

Next to the drugs they also found several cannabis edibles including Hash-oil, Brownies, Rice Krispies, Cookies, Gummy Worms, Peanut Punch, and even BBQ Chicken Wings. In Trinidad and Tobago, the current laws allow one adult to possess a maximum of 30 grams and grow up to four plants. 

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