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A marijuana plant spotted growing in Argentina stadium as matches stopped due to COVID-19

Field view of malvinas argentinas world cup stadium

The novel Coronavirus pandemic has altered life in many ways. Interestingly, a marijuana plant was spotted growing in one of the stadiums in Argentina since the matches stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The rare sight comes just as another vlogger captured the moment by saying she would spend her $1200 stimulus check on marijuana.

Marijuana plant in a stadium

The operations at the Lorenzo Arandilla Stadium came to a standstill as the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzed football in Argentina. During this period, the stadium has been empty with no fans stomping the grandstands. But a rare sight of a marijuana plant growing between the cement blocks in the stadium is one of the unusual facts of the lockdown period. 

The plant was seen growing in the space where fans of the Primera B Nacional used to cheer one of the participants. While the ball has not been rolling for a while, things are slowly returning to normalcy. One of the latest developments this week was the re-election of Chiqui Tapia as the President of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) until 2025. 

This formalized the creation of the Professional Football League (LFP), which will replace the Super League and organize club tournaments.

Spending stimulus check on the cannabis plant

Meanwhile, a vlogger on WeedTube declared she would spend a portion of her stimulus check on marijuana. As Bloomberg earlier reported, the woman, going by the tag @indicawife, told viewers that some of her $1200 stimulus check would be spent at the local cannabis dispensary. 

We’re all going to be smoking a fat blunt with Donald Trump’s money…That’s a bet, she said while taking a puff.

Amid the difficult days occasioned by the Coronavirus pandemic, the cannabis industry has remained resilient. Currently, about nine in every 10 Americans approve of either medicinal or recreational use. More than 20 states deemed medical or recreational marijuana sales “essential” businesses, even as other businesses went on lockdown. 

Importantly, as Americans use more cannabis than usual during lockdown, advocates believe this crisis could push the federal government to implement cannabis legalisation much faster.

Cannabis lows and highs during lockdown.png

The Coronavirus pandemic has altered the economic landscape leaving governments with poor revenue from months of lockdown. According to marijuana support groups, governments have the momentum now more than ever, to tap on marijuana tax revenue and create employment opportunities.

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