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Cannabis company Truelieve in collaboration with Bellamy Brothers

cannabis company truelieve

The iconic pop duo Bellamy Brothers are making inroads into the marijuana business after the Florida-based medical cannabis company Truelieve announced the partnership. The two companies seek to launch a new product line named Old Hippie Stash. Following the partnership, Truelieve dispensaries in Florida can now start dispensing Big Love and Reggae Cowboy strains of the new flower product line.

“We are thrilled to launch Old Hippie Stash with Truelieve. This is a company and the product line we really believe in and think so many people will see amazing benefits from using,” stated David Bellamy.

Initial strains

Both Big Love and Reggae Cowboy are the initial strains of the Old Hippie Stash brand. Big Love delivers a balanced mix of deep green flowers and purple colors. Its aroma is sweet with a strong pine scent. It also delivers a natural, piney, and rich flavor, which activate euphoric and cerebral effects. Overall, it delivers an inspiring experience that drives off all the stresses of the day.

On the other hand, Reggae Cowboy strain is a 50-50 mix with light purple buds and mossy green highlights. The flowers have a frosty look, covered in abundant trichomes. This strain is floral, spicy, and delivers slight pungent undertones. Its aroma is spicy and smooth. For those looking for tranquility and relaxation, Reggae Cowboy delivers mild sedative effects and a stinging sensation throughout the body.

Signature product line

Kim Rivers is cannabis company Truelieve CEO. Regarding the partnership, she said:

“We are focused on providing a constantly evolving and expanding selection of high-quality cannabis products that meet the diverse medical needs of Florida patients. By partnering with Florida’s own Bellamy Brothers to launch a unique hybrid strain of flower, we are providing our patients with an exclusive signature product line with a throw-back quality that reflects David and Howard’s image for Old Hippie Stash, from their 1985 Billboard country single.”

Truelieve equally highlighted the importance of collaborating on the local level, saying it’s in line with its go-to-market strategy. The cannabis company believes that engaging the iconic musical duo to launch a cannabis product line is an exciting development. 

The Bellamy Brothers brings to Truelieve a rich fan base of forty years, which will take a stab at the initial strains of Big Love and Reggae Cowboy. With this new partnership, the cannabis community in Canada waits to see how things will unfold in the industry, even in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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