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Cannumo brings the cannabis industry and cryptotech together!

Cannumo is arriving soon, and it presents the joining of two industries, for this joining is the contemporary mode to offer an alternative to outdated ways of participating inside these particular economies.

Cannumo has taken a three-pronged approach towards inspiring more and more new market members to engage in the ever-growing cannabis industry through blockchain technology.

We, at Cannumo, are presenting three applications to make smooth business operations possible. Over the upcoming year (2021-2022), we will implement:

  • Cannumo GrowFunding application – a fast and engaging way for potential investors to crowdfund the primary stages of creating cannabis (CBD) products. Getting a competitive interest rate for your investments as an incentive will help new startup cannabis businesses to overtake the European cannabis industry!
  • Cannumo CBD (Cannumo Business Dropshipping) application – if being a cannabis (CBD) merchant is your cup of tea, Cannumo CBD will help you become a digital market seller uninfringed by headaches that come with producing the items yourself. We will grow the product of your choice, we will package it, we will ship it, and finally, we will take care of any licensing and regulations. Yours will be the creative process – build your cannabis product brand!
  • Cannumo Wallet application – for those who fear the problematic encounters with discriminating payment gateways, we offer a solution. A first cannabis-specific digital currency wallet will let you bypass any complications arising from working within the traditional financial framework. The global commerce for CBD products has never been this easily reachable! 
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CANU token, our own currency inside the Cannumo blockchain, shall provide the following boons for its holders:

  •  Lower fees across our products and applications (GrowFunding, CBD, Wallet);
  • Buy-and-burn system;
  • Referral rewards;
  • Liquidity mining;
  • Exclusive accesses to unique product features;

You can reach us by visiting our website at Also, @cannumo on Twitter and @projectcannumo on Facebook.

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Jonathan Sanders

Jonathan is a business writer and a dedicated cannabis enthusiast from Chicago, IL. He is mainly focused on cannabis business news and retail news from around the world.

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