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Joint, Blunt, and Spliff: Do you know the difference?

Cannabis rolls fall under three broad categories: joints, blunts, and spliffs. While some people use these terms interchangeably, they are slightly different from each other. Usually, the type of paper and the content found inside determine the kind of roll. Which one you choose can make a significant impact on your smoking experience. So, what’s the difference?

What is a cannabis joint? 

marijuana joint
Marijuana joint

A joint is a marijuana roll in a cigarette paper. It contains only cannabis, no extra stuff. It can be of any strain of your choice, but it has to be exclusively marijuana. A joint is wrapped in cigarette paper on the exterior, which can be composed of widely different materials. Joint rolling papers vary widely in properties such as size, thickness, flavor, burn length, or “rollability.” You can read our other guide and learn how to roll a perfect joint.

How much weed is in a joint?

How much weed should be in a joint

The question of how much weed should be packed in a joint has puzzled experts for years. According to one study, the typical weight of a joint is 0.66 grams. On the other hand, the federal government said it is closer to 0.43 grams.

In any case, the quantity can vary from one smoker to another depending on how they roll. Some smokers believe a joint should contain one gram of cannabis, while others say it should have half the amount. 

What is a blunt?

Cannabis blunt
Cannabis blunt

Like a joint, the inside of a blunt roll is exclusively weed too. However, a blunt can hold more marijuana than a regular joint. A typical blunt can hold up to 2 grams of the material. They are rolled in a piece of rich brown tobacco paper with a preferred choice of your favorite strain. 

Alternatively, you can make a blunt from a cleaned-out cigar wrap. Cigar wraps are made from compressed tobacco or hemp leaf. Blunt rolling papers are often heavier than joint papers, which results in a slower burn. Blunts are the better option for social smokers who enjoy sharing and want the added buzz from tobacco, as this is the strongest hitter of all three types. By the way, learning how to roll a blunt is much more difficult than rolling a joint.

What is a spliff?

A spliff wrap is a combination of tobacco and marijuana rolled in a joint. A spliff is cheaper and delivers the dual experience of cannabinoids and nicotine. Spliffs are common in areas where cannabis is expensive or hard to find, so smokers often stretch out their cannabis stash by mixing it with tobacco. 

On the exterior, spliffs look identical to joints. They use any joint paper and may contain a crutch. Spliff smokers can adjust the ratio of marijuana and tobacco to their preference – more marijuana with less tobacco, more tobacco with less marijuana, and anything in between. 

The best roll type to use with medical marijuana

medical marijuana

Tobacco is linked to medical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and many more. Therefore, pure cannabis joints are the safest and most effective form of smoking medical marijuana. Apart from dry mouth, cannabis causes no serious health effects. 

Instead of promoting the occurrence of conditions like cancer, heart, and lung disease, medical marijuana works to treat these illnesses. 

Every cannabis roll type has its own benefits

Joints have a myriad of benefits, which explains why they have been around for this long. Most notably, their size makes it easy to store and transport. They are easier to roll than blunts, and if you choose a premium rolling paper, they give a pure cannabis taste smoking experience. Just make sure you took the right cannabis strain, as they all taste different. 

Blunts have a longer burn time, based on their size and the type of rolling material, and add buzz from tobacco. For many smokers, it gives too much intensive taste, which leads to coughing. 

Spliff usually gives a not-so-intense taste, puff feels lighter, and they burn more evenly. But you have to think twice before mixing high-quality weed with tobacco, which has so many adverse effects on your health.

Overall, the popularity of blunts, joints, and spliffs varies widely from one region to another across the world. In Europe, for instance, spliffs are predominant compared to joints and blunts. In the US, cannabis enthusiasts are more into joints than spliffs, partly due to the adverse effects of tobacco. All this reflects cannabis culture in a given part of the world.

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