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Vibes rolling papers – a comprehensive review

The task of filtering the maze of rolling papers out there could be cumbersome. Hence, we have started a series of rolling papers reviews, and Vibes™ happens to be the first joint paper we have reviewed. We hope that you find this review useful.

Introduction to Vibes™ rolling papers  

Vibes rolling papers have been developed by Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., a.k.a Berner. Despite being a relatively new product, launched in 2018, the weed joint wraps were able to gain broad acceptance among cannabis smokers worldwide.

Vibes rolling papers fall into the premium product category, as they are made from the highest quality paper cultivated and crafted in France. The paper is then imported to the Dominican Republic, where it’s processed and packaged.

According to Berner, the main goal of Vibes™ rolling papers is to enhance the purity and potency of the marijuana. Whether you choose to roll a joint using hemp, ultra-thin or rice rolling paper, Vibes™ will redefine your smoking experience. The “Paper smoke” is minimized to unnoticeable levels allowing you to enjoy the pure smoking experience.

Vibes™ rolling papers product line

There are three main types of joint rolling papers and cones you can buy: Vibes™ rice, Vibes™ ultra-thin and Vibes™ hemp papers. Be assured that regardless of which material you choose, you will enjoy superior quality smoke. Let’s explore each type in more detail:

Vibes™ rice papers

The primary feature of rice paper is a slower burn compared to both ultra-thin and hemp papers. Using rice papers will give you a longer smoking session.


  • Slow burn


  • While “paper smoke” is minimal, it’s more noticeable compared to ultra-thin and hemp smoking papers.

Ultra-thin rolling paper by Vibes

Vibes™ ultra-thin papers

If you are looking for the ultimate smoking experience, ultra-thin papers are the best option for you. This type of rolling paper has no paper smoke, which allows you to feel the taste of every single draw.


  • Allows to experience the pure flavour
  • No paper smoke


  • For those who are not great with rolling, the thin paper might be a little bit more difficult to roll. However, if that’s the case, we do recommend the cones. 

hemp rolling paper by Vibes

Vibes™ hemp papers

Hemp papers are the best when you are looking for a classic smoking experience. These papers are known for smooth burning, which is generally faster than rice paper burn, but slower than the ultra-thin counterpart. 


  • Classic experience
  • No surprises


  • It might not be a suitable option if you are looking for an enhanced smoking experience.

Overall outlook on Vibes™ rolling papers

All the hype around these rolling papers is definitely justified. When it comes to the ultimate smoking experience, quality can not be compromised. While the premium product does cost more, it’s often a good investment towards a better overall experience. 

Learn how to roll a joint in one of our guides.


What is the difference between rolling papers and cones?

To answer short – none. However, if you do not know how to roll a joint, or can’t be bothered to roll a joint yourself, cones are an easy option. For more seasoned smokers, rolling a joint is part of the smoking experience, which they treat as part of the ritual.

Should I use Vibes™ joint tips?

Using the right tips for your joint is the same as a good pairing of wine. The tips ensure increased airflow and reduce the mess.

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