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Holton Township Voters Approve Recreational Marijuana

recreational marijuana

The latest reports indicate that the voters in Holton Township have approved recreational marijuana businesses to open in their community. A question on March 10’s ballot asked the voters whether they want to ‘completely prohibit’ recreational marijuana businesses from opening in their locality failed. 305 voted ‘yes’ to uphold the ban while 348 people voted ‘no’ as reported by the Holton Township clerk.

Since this measure was defeated, the local ordinance will act as directed by the township board that voted in December 2019 to approve recreational facilities. The March 10 vote resulted from the township board’s move to let medical marijuana retailers operate after the voters narrowly rejected a law that would have enabled the medical marijuana establishments to function in the township’s commercial and agricultural areas.  

After the May 2019 vote, the township board voted 3-2 to come up with an all-zoning language from the medical marijuana ordinance. That ordinance allowed medical marijuana establishments to operate anywhere in the township, including the commercial and agricultural areas. They were authorized to operate provided that they get the township board and state approval.

After the board decided to approve the operation of medical marijuana establishments, some residents chose to petition proactively against recreational marijuana retailers. Previously, township Clerk, Sarah Hippler talked to MLive:

 “There were quite a few who were pretty upset about it. After that happened, that’s when the initiative to prohibit recreational facilities came about, like they were trying to get a jump on it.”

The Vote

Despite this petition, the township board voted 3-1 in an ordinary board meeting held on December 10, 2019. They were voting to approve recreational marijuana businesses on that occasion. With the latest ballot box decision, it appears as the residents will now be served with recreational marijuana in the coming days. Any business that wishes to stock recreational marijuana is free to apply for licenses to operate within the township boundaries.  

At the moment, two medical marijuana dispensaries are trying to open in the township, awaiting state licensing, according to Alan Jager, the Township Supervisor. One is scheduled to open near the intersection with Brickyard Road and the other on Holton Road near the intersection with Ewing Road.

Back in 2008, Michigan legalized medical marijuana, and then in 2018, the state legalized recreational marijuana. The first recreational facility in the state was opened in December 2019. The residents opposed to bringing cannabis to Holton Township believe that it will bring crime and blight into their community.

On the other hand, the supports say that the cannabis business will bring significant tax revenue into Holton Township. Jager commented:

“Like all businesses, you pay a tax. And yet you can grow this illegally all over our township and not pay a dime. If you have a business, whether it’s marijuana or not, you should pay taxes”  

For now, everyone is on a ‘wait and see’ mode. They are eager to determine the outcome of this legalization of recreational marijuana in this township.

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