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“Joints for Jabs”: Washington State encourages residents to get vaccinated

Washington State has officially adopted the “Joints for Jabs” theme to encourage its residents to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

A joint for each vaccinated person 

According to a statement from the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board this week, the agency would allow state-licensed cannabis retailers to “provide one joint to adult consumers who receive COVID-19 vaccination at an in-store vaccination clinic.”

The program is one of the latest vaccination incentives aimed at encouraging people to take the Covid-19 jab. In just three days, Washington reached its goal of vaccinating at least 70% of its state adults. Governor Jay Inslee said achieving that goal would allow the elimination of most remaining Coronavirus-driven restrictions across Washington. 

The board received several requests from cannabis retail licensees to help support the state vaccination initiative. The approval for the “Joints for Jabs” theme is effective immediately and will run up to July 12. Other people have baptized the plan “poke and toke.”

Vaccination incentives

The fine print of the whole idea “Joint for Jabs” is innocuous. It is only one joint for each person who has received the jab. No other pot treats are allowed and given to only people 21 years and older. All the same, advertising is permitted. 

The “Joints for Jabs” idea is not foreign in the U.S. In Arizona, the Mint Cannabis Dispensary collaborated with a medical group to provide free, on-site vaccinations at its three locations in Phoenix. Those who received the jab at the designated clinics received a free, pre-rolled joint and an edible cannabis gummy, in an initiative dubbed “Snax for Vaxx.”

Speaking about the program, business consultant and New England-based brand Ben Mervis said:

So many states declared cannabis retailers and employees as essential early on in the pandemic. This is a poetic opportunity for them to not only give back but to incentivize efforts to create safer vaccinated communities.

The Washington state board confirmed that it had provided dozens of allowances for alcohol and cannabis licensees throughout the pandemic to promote businesses during the restriction period and support the vaccine initiative. The state board approved free beer, wine, or cocktails for those who have received the COVID-19 jab by June 30. 

In addition to the “Joints for Jabs”, the state has unveiled the “Shot of a Lifetime” campaign, which promotes COVID-19 vaccination in Washington, which became the primary U.S. hot spot for COVID-19 deaths in the early days of the pandemic. The Washington State Lottery will do a weekly drawing for $250,000 and a final draw for $1 million in this program. 

These efforts and others aim to encourage every resident of Washington to come out and receive the Covid-19 jab. 

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