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Mike Tyson’s company set to print cannabis beverages

Mike Tyson’s cannabis beverages

A company belonging to American former professional boxer Mike Tyson is set to start printing cannabis beverages. According to the latest information procured exclusively, The Ranch Companies, which belongs to Tyson, is in a new partnership with Smart Cups.

Printing cannabis beverages

Well, if you’re wondering what this means, or whether it’s possible to print cannabis products or beverages, here is how it works.

Smart Cups, Tyson’s new partner, is the company that created the world’s first printed beverage. In their new collaboration, Smart Cups is set to license its IP to The Ranch Companies, allowing it to print ingestible cannabis products with great accuracy and consistent dosing.

In an exclusive interview, Tyson said:

For The Ranch Companies, it is very exciting to be working with Smart Cups’ technology, because it gives us the opportunity to make anything that is possible with this innovative tech. Having the ability to produce lines of ingestible cannabis products that will have accurate and consistent doses of cannabis is incredibly important to us.

Smart Cups is engaged in printing active and flavour ingredients from diverse natural products on the surface of substrates. This process draws out all of the liquid from a beverage, eventually reducing transportation charges and carbon footprints.

To achieve this goal, Smart Cups uses micro-encapsulation printing technology, which infuses plant-based products into a substrate and then embeds it in a bioplastic cup.

Speaking about this technology, Smart Cups founder and CEO Chris Kanik said:

In this specific application, we use water-soluble cannabinoids and are able to precisely print them on virtually any surface. The printed actives and flavours are released when they come in contact with a liquid such as water, soda, or saliva.

‘Incredible’ technology

Tyson applauded the Smart Cups’ technology, saying it was ‘incredible.’ He said the company was doing a good thing that will help restore peoples’ confidence in the cannabis products they consume.

It is important to know what we are putting in our bodies, as well as how much of certain ingredients, medicines, etc, Tyson said.

However, the main aim behind this project is about health. Both companies believe that cannabis products are becoming extremely potent and proper dosing can mark the difference between effective and ineffective products. The Ranch Companies CEO Rob Hickman agreed with this idea, saying that dosing is actually “one of the systematic issues plaguing this industry.”

According to Hickman, acquiring the science and technology to implement consistent and accurate dosages “will be a game changer in the cannabis marketplace.”

“We have partnered with top research universities to collect critical clinical data supporting CBD for medicinal purposes and pain relief. The Smart Cups Technology is a new delivery system that we believe will set new standards in this industry,” Hickman added.

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