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Ohio Lawmakers Say Prospects Of Marijuana Legalization Repeal Are Unlikely If Voters Approve Reform Initiative In November

As Ohioans prepare to vote on a marijuana legalization initiative at the ballot in November, state lawmakers are already thinking about ways they might seek to revise the law if approved. But while top officials like the governor and Senate president oppose the reform, some bipartisan legislators are dismissing the idea that there would be enough opposition to enact a full-on repeal.

The reform initiative, which was certified for the ballot last month after activists turned in enough valid signatures to qualify, has exposed some intra-party divides on cannabis policy.

Gov. Mike DeWine (R) opposes the reform, as does Senate President Matt Huffman (R). But recent polling shows most Republican voters support legalization. A GOP congressman representing Ohio’s 14th district also plans to personally vote for the initiative.

The governor told The Columbus Dispatch that there’s “a lot of discussion that has to take place” around legalization.

States that have enacted adult-use legalization “have seen some things happen, and I don’t think these are things we want to see in Ohio,” he said, without giving specific examples.

Huffman, meanwhile, said that legalization is “really going to be devastating,” arguing that it will lead to increase cannabis consumption by people who

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