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Oregon Retailers Can Sell Marijuana Curbside For Now Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

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All the licensed marijuana retailers in Oregon can now sell their port curbside to ensure that they promote social distancing. This strategy aims to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. A temporary rule has been approved by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which will allow the curbside delivery.

The new rule permits retailers to take orders and deliver marijuana to a customer who is somewhere outside and within 150 feet of the licensed shop. These sales can take place only during the regular business hours, meaning that no business takes place before 7 a.m. and no later than 10 p.m.

The commission implemented the temporary rule during an emergency meeting held on March 22. The retail marijuana stores remain open, but these changes will help in ensuring that the in-store activities are kept at the minimum, according to the commission.

All the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program cardholders and caregivers can now purchase up to 24 ounces according to another temporary rule approved by the commission. But, this rule does not change the total monthly amount a cardholder or caregiver can get from a state-licensed retailer.

The chair of the regulatory commission, Paul Rosenbaum, stated:

  “Every single decision that this agency is making, both for the liquor and the marijuana industries, are there for the consideration of helping people make a living and continue to make a living.”  

Starting from March 1 to March 18, the state-licensed marijuana retailers enjoyed a 25% to 30% surge in total sales in comparison to the same period in 2019. 


The rule could be suspended for the whole industry in the case that any licensed person exploits the temporary rule by disrupting public health or public safety.

The commission’s executive director, Steve Marks, said:

“We’re asking our retailers to make sure to work with the community and local officials so that this can happen in a safe and non-obstructive way to city services; otherwise we’ll need to make changes.”

For now, everyone is taking measures to ensure that the coronavirus does not impact them severely.

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