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The world’s first smart cannabis vape dosing device unveiled

In the latest cannabis news, a fresh innovation, called The Mode, for checking the vaping dosage has hit the market. This new development will take the guesswork out of dosing, especially for new users who have difficulty determining how much they should inhale. 

A smart cannabis dosing vape device

In recent years, cannabis has gained traction as a reliable treatment for anxiety, pain management, sleep issues, and a wide range of ailments and diseases. The new vaping device aims to help users take the right dose of the substance to meet their therapeutic or entertainment needs. 

Known as Mode, the smart device was unveiled at the all-digital Consumer Electronics Show, along with its app. It comes with a touch slider that enables users to adjust their dose down to the milligram. It’s also fitted with precision sensors that determine how much of the substance users can inhale. 

Other features include a Haptic Guidance that softly vibrates to alert users when to stop inhaling and when to exhale. On the companion app, users can access dosage plans through a control dashboard. They can also access product information, consumption analytics, personalized recommendations, and feedback.

Izzy Kirsh, co-founder, and co-CEO of Mode said, regarding this development:

We initially set out to solve the dosing dilemma for people requiring cannabis to treat injuries, ailments, and other health-related matters. We built dozens of prototypes to deliver vapor doses by the milligram, perfecting consumption levels down to a rudimentary science of what Cannabinoids and dosages are required to achieve the right results. What we ultimately created is a first-of-its-kind device that offers more control and a better experience for all cannabis users.

Cannabis dosage varies from person to person

Kirsh was the inspiration behind the invention of Mode after realizing the need for personalized dosing of cannabis after an injury. He collaborated with Mark (Akiva) Wagner and Stephen Bates to design the platform. The trio then embarked on a broad R&D exploration, collaborating with an excellent design and engineering team. They generated $2.5 million in funding to bring the device to market. 

The Mode works well with up to 501 cartridges that easily fit into the designated compartment, without the need to screw them in. The device is equally lockable, so users can keep it safe from children. Mark (Akiva) Wagner is co-founder and co-CEO of Mode. Regarding this development, he said:

Cannabis is a dosage-sensitive substance and not a one-size-fits-all solution. Mode offers a missing device and dataset for the cannabis space, and with the correct analysis and implementation, can open pathways of understanding never seen before in cannabis.

The new device currently retails for $100. Interested buyers can preorder through its website, and shipping will start in the first half of 2021. 

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