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Tips to help a friend who got too high on cannabis

It’s common to get high on cannabis. Perhaps your friend overindulged in some edibles or smoked a strain with higher THC content. As marijuana becomes more available to the average or even inexperienced smokers, people must know how to consume weed responsibly. 

How to tell if one is high on marijuana

Overindulgence in cannabis can cause one to get high. But what are the symptoms that one is high on cannabis? In many instances, people who are high on marijuana go unnoticed. According to American Addiction Centers, the following are physical signs associated with being high on cannabis:

  • Red eyes
  • Poor muscle coordination
  • Increased appetite
  • Delayed reaction times
  • Skunk-like distinctive smell

In addition to these signs, being high on marijuana brings some side effects such as increased heart rate, distorted senses, and low muscle and limb coordination. Here’s what to do when your friend is caught up in these instances.

Help them stop smoking

Once you realize someone is too high on marijuana, the first step is to help them stop smoking, vaping, or taking dabs. This will make the effects to subside. The effects might take much longer to wear off for edibles depending on how the person’s body processes THC consumed orally. 

Help them relax

If the person is freaking out, find a quiet place, and help them to sit or lie back and relax. Listening to music or doing breathing exercises can also help tame the buzz. Don’t try to panic or match the energy of a high person. Instead, ask them how they feel to gauge whether there’s a deeper cause for alarm.

Soothe them to sleep

If the person is just temporarily overwhelmed, try putting them to sleep. It could be a quick nap or hours of sleep, depending on the effect of cannabis on the individual. Offer more water or soup to the victim upon waking up. 

Create a distraction

Sometimes, a person can get high on cannabis-based on the environment. Creating a distraction can ease the effect of the substance. For example, if the person is crowded, take them to a quiet environment to help them recover. Ensure the place has fresh air and throw a favorite movie if at home.

CBD oil

CBD oil helps with anxiety and can ward off the psychotropic effects of THC that often lead to anxiousness, paranoia, and overstimulation. 

Give him black pepper

Yes, that’s right – a black pepper. Chewing 5 of these and letting it hit your nose will bring anyone back. 

Overall, a person can get high on cannabis depending on the potency of the strain, the person’s prior experience with cannabis, genetic factors, and the influence of other drugs such as alcohol. These tips can help alleviate the effects of the substance. 

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