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Panic Weed Buyers Were Waiting Hours For Their Pot Before The Coronavirus Lockdown In Netherlands

dutch people waiting near coffee shop for weed
Dutch waiting for their pot. Photo credit: @aitorvs on twitter

Because of the coronavirus nationwide shut down, panicking weed buyers were queuing in the Netherlands to stock up on weed. The Dutch government followed Europe to lock down the country to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Jonathan, a Dutch buyer, said outside The Point coffee shop in The Hague:

“My friend called me like five minutes ago. He saw the press conference. For maybe for the next two months, we’re not able to get some weed, so it should be nice to at least have some in the house.”

In a press conference, Education Minister Arie Slob said that restrictions will remain until at least April 6, but might be extended if needed.

The famous ‘coffee shops’ across the country (where cannabis can be legally bought) on the last day open got crowded with people, many more waiting outside to have a chance to buy more weed, for upcoming days in quarantine. All ‘coffee shops’, saunas and sex clubs were ordered to close until at least April 6.

Mr. Slob said:

“It has become clear that it was impossible for many schools to remain open, as many teachers were already sick at home and because of safety risks. Therefore we have decided to close all schools and daycare centers.”

17 million residents in the country were asked to keep distance when leaving the house. The number of infections had risen to 4200.

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