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Where to buy Rick Simpson Oil in the USA?

Medical marijuana activist from Canada Rick Simpson invented the RSO Oil in 2003. Rick claims that he used his to treat skin cancer symptoms. Since Rick Simpson’s self-healing journey, researchers have conducted studies regarding the efficacy and safety of this product. While there is no concrete evidence, some studies have linked RSO to cancer therapy.

According to Rick, RSO is used in a concentrated oral form and delivers sedative effects when applied topically. Since this revelation, several online retailers have claimed to sell CBD products, some of which are fake. 

So how and where can you get the authentic THC lab-produced RSO formula? Consumers should note that Rick Simpson doesn’t sell the oil. He only provides information on how to extract and use RSO. He recommends producing the oil at the home level, which carries some challenges. 

Places to Buy RSO in the USA

However, a few outlets exist where you can buy genuine RSO products. These facilities have generated the oil according to the template used by Rick Simpson. One of the places to purchase lab-developed RSO formulas is Phoenix Tears, which has gained much traction in the medical world. 

You can buy RSO in Oklahoma, Arizona, and several other states where cannabis is legal in the USA. Rick Simpson Oil is also available at Ponder in Seattle, where consumers can get a 15% off regular prices when they purchase online. 

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

The founder of RSO advocates users making their own RS0 oil at home. In his own words, Rick says:

I think that these instructions should make producing this oil quite easy for anyone… But before you start, make sure that you have everything you will need to perform the extraction properly. To produce high-quality oil for medical use, you need a pound or more of dry bud from very potent and sedative medicinal Indica varieties or Indica dominant Sativa crosses, which preferably contain no more than 10% Sativa.

According to Rick Simpson, creating a 60ml of RSO would require about 450-500 grams of high-quality bud material and an assortment of production facilities and components. 

However, the creation process at home is dangerous that involves highly flammable solvents. The production process requires a well-ventilated area due to the fumes produced. 

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