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Edward Rollerhands – the legendary Colorado joint roller with 10K followers

For some people, the mention of Edward Rollerhands might just pass as any ordinary name. However, for the cannabis community, he’s the most popular Colorado joint roller you’ve never heard of. True to his name, Edward is a gifted joint creative roller with rich portfolios on Instagram and The National Joint League. The Boulder, Colorado-based stoner can create smokable figures of anything including Rick and Morty, Star Wars, or Aladdin Genie joints. 

More than 10K followers

On his Instagram account, Edward Rollerhands commands more than 10 thousand followers who are eager to see his next creative joint. Asked about what he considers most when rolling the joints, the ‘Interstellar’ movie lover says weed produces the end result regardless of who rolls the joint.
“ What I look for when I go shopping is a smell that speaks to me, visible resin on the plant, good bud structure, and how dry the material is,” he said in a recent interview. 

Edward Rollerhands has been perfecting his talent for more than a decade. But the creative ideas struck in 2016 when he started rolling simpler joints like pressed cannabis cigars. In summer 2018, he created the first human shape. His creative joints are available on Instagram where his followers tune in to check what he creates next.

Rolling for hobby

While he rolls many joints for brands, Edward Rollerhands says currently he’s not getting paid for it. He says there have been offers but he declined all of them. He’s comfortable doing the joint rolling as a hobby and not focusing on money.

Even with the growing popularity of cannabis extracts, he’s not worried that his rolling hobby could be a lost trait. He believes dabs have transformed the way people enjoy cannabis, but that’s not taking away his joint rolling hobby.

“This means that I’m able to spend more time on each roll to try to make each a memorable experience. My view of the perfect joint is one that has a great flower with a uniform distribution of solventless hash throughout, rolled as tight as possible while allowing air to pass, has as little paper overlap as possible, and that smokes evenly to the end,” Rollerhands says.

Edward Rollerhands loves GMO or C5 Pioneer strains depending on the day. He believes there will always be a community that “swear by flower” to keep his joint-rolling hobby alive.

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