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German K-One boxer turns to secret marijuana cultivation after losing a job due to COVID-19

secret marijuana cultivation

Two days ago, Thai police busted a German K-One boxer who turned to be involved in secret marijuana cultivation and realization after losing a job due to Coronavirus. The boxer has been selling his cannabis to foreigners in Chiang Mai to earn money.

Growing cannabis in a hotel

On October 21, Thai securities led by Pol. Colonel Tawatchai Pongwiwatchai, also the Deputy Chief of Investigation Provincial Police Investigation Division, Region 5, conducted a raid on a luxury resort located in Chiang Mai, Hai Ya Sub-district. 

The security and investigative team found foreigners renting a house for the long-term. Upon conducting a home search, they discovered a secret marijuana cultivation area complete with a lighting system and other accessories. The officers seized more than 30 full-grown cannabis plants.

During the raid, the officers also arrested Mr. Vincent Rich – the 29-year old German they suspected was behind all this. From the investigation, Mr. Vincent confessed that he is an enthusiast of Mae Mai Muay Thai Arts. The boxer said he traveled to Thailand to study and improve his proficiency before Coronavirus struck.

Lost job due to pandemic

Initially, Vincent toured professional Thai boxing avenues under the name “Winnie Wins.” He had been boxing in various stages in Bangkok and being in K-One boxing in the European stage, which he never won. But all this was until Covid-19 struck.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, boxing competitions came to a halt, followed by a series of lockdowns that brought the global economy to a standstill. Vincent and others lost their jobs. They turned to grow marijuana because they have some basic knowledge. 

They brought the Holland cannabis strain and the Spanish breed to try organic farming, which yields good produce. Once harvested, Vincent and his colleagues used to process the cannabis and sell them as dried bunches to foreign tourists living in Chiang Mai. 

Vincent and his colleagues have been participating in secret marijuana cultivation this for three months to support themselves as they wait to return to the ring. However, they didn’t expect to be arrested. Following the raid, Vincent was charged with “Producing and possessing category 5 narcotics (marijuana) without permission.”

Cannabis worth €800,000 seized in Dublin

This incident comes just as another man was recently charged with a major cannabis seizure in Dublin, Ireland. The operation, conducted by officers attached to the Garda National Drugs and Organized Crime Bureau, saw a 47-year-old man arrested and cannabis worth €800,000 seized. The officers also nabbed €80,000 in cash.

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