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Sha’Carri Richardson trending after Megan Rapinoe speaks about using CBD in the training regimen

Sha’Carri Richardson has been trending in the last 24 hours in what appears to be a case of double standard and white supremacy on cannabis-related cases. Earlier in July, Richardson was banned from participating in the Tokyo Olympics after she tested positive for marijuana. 

Many people took to Twitter after a new report published on Forbes about Olympians using cannabidiol (CBD)—the second most prominent component in cannabis. 

On July 23, Richardson began trending on Twitter after sports fans shared a Forbes story about Olympians using cannabis. The story highlights U.S. Soccer Women’s National Team soccer star Megan Rapinoe, who revealed she uses CBD products from a company co-founded by her sister Rachael Rapinoe.

After the story went around for a couple of days, fans of Richardson are sensing what they believe to be a double standard. Megan, who is a previous supporter of Richardson, believes all athletes should be able to use marijuana. Megan said she uses CBD to help her get to sleep and recover after her training sessions. 

CBD and THC are from the same plant

Some fans expressed concern as to why some users are banned from using the same product that others are using, noting that both CBD and THC are components of cannabis. The whole scenario now seems to play out on different treatments accorded to whites and people of color regarding cannabis-related issues. 

While people have called this a double standard, a few technicalities are worth noting. First, CBD is legal within the confines of the Olympics’ anti-doping policies, while THC, the key ingredient in cannabis that gives users the ‘high,’ is not. This means Rapinoe and other athletes using CBD wouldn’t be suspended.

However, Rapinoe still believes all athletes should be able to use marijuana.

We’re expected to perform on the biggest stages and highest levels, yet we can’t use all-natural products to help us recover. It’s not right, and these policies need to be changed to reflect where our culture is, Rapinoe wrote in a statement to Forbes. 

She also noted that, even beyond sports, laws regarding cannabis use have adversely affected Black and Brown U.S. residents. 

“The societal effect in terms of social justice that weed has had on this country is just absurd. There are so many, mostly Black and Brown, people sitting in jail for 10 or 20-plus years for weed, and it’s completely unnecessary. From a social perspective, we’re long overdue for the legalization of cannabis,” Rapinoe said.

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