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Willow Smith opens up on marijuana use

willow smith

Willow Smith, the daughter of an A-listed movie start, Will Smith, recently opened up about her marijuana use. She also explained why she had to cut back. In the latest episode of ‘Red Table Talk’ that she co-hosts with her grandmother Adrienne Banfield Jones and her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow spoke candidly about how smoking pot affected her life.

She said:

“When I stopped smoking, it was a huge eye-opener. There are so many people that I called friends in my life who just kind of like [drifted away]. It made me think like, ‘This is interesting.’”

Willow said that she is now marijuana-free for three months after she discovered that her use had become ‘excessive.’ Now that she says that she has cut back on the consumption, the 19-year-old confessed that she is more productive and focused. She explained:

“And I know this sounds cheesy but around the time I stopped smoking, I started doing a lot of yoga, and I just excelled because I was putting all of my energy into that, I wasn’t doing anything else. And I was like, ‘Wow, what if I was doing this with everything?’ And then it made me think, ‘What have I been missing? What have I been not putting my all into or not putting all of my brainpower into?’”

Jada was grateful that her daughter had changed her old habits, and she said that she had noticed some differences. She told Willow that in the past, she had seen the adverse effects that marijuana had that Willow could not see. 

‘My body is a Temple’

Will acknowledged that during self-reflection, she noticed that she was smoking out of boredom and encouraged other smokers listening to determine where their desire to smoke comes from. She stated:

“Just really think about what is the first thought in your head before you smoke. What is your first thought? And if that’s a thought of stress or using it as a crutch in any way, try to think about that. And if that comes from a negative place, examine that, because if it comes from a negative place, that could snowball.”

She also said that marijuana users should think about the other things that they can do, which are not mentally or physically dampening.

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